Microsoft SQL Server technology is used for data storage on your local PC or network

Standard (Free) Version

Is free to use and no annual licence fee is payable

Registration is required

There are no user limitations but is limited to only one company

The package is a full accounting suite which include:

  • Customers and Invoicing
  • Email of customer invoices and statements
  • Inventory control
  • Suppliers
  • Email of supplier purchase orders
  • General Ledger and multiple Cashbooks
  • Standard Accounting Reports
  • Selected reports can be exported to a spreadsheet
  • All Reports can be exported to HTML
  • Free Support is limited to regular software updates
  • Additional Support can be provided on a fee basis

Full (Paid) Version

The full version is subject to an annual licence fee

All of the Standard version features plus the following additional features:

  • Multi Company
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bill of Materials and Kits
  • Material and Job Costing
  • Batch and serial number inventory
  • GAAP Financial Reporting
  • Zero based and Percentage adjustment Budgeting
  • Unlimited Multi Currencies
  • Foreign Currency Cashbooks
  • Foreign Currency Suppliers
  • Foreign Currency Revaluation
  • Bank Statement import from text or comma delimited files
  • Customer Debt Control
  • Consolidation of Companies
  • The annual licence fee is determined by the number of companies
  • Full Support is provided

Minimum system requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2012 or higher
  • 100Gb free harddrive space
  • 4Gb Ram for a stand alone installation
  • 8Gb Ram for a SQL Server on a multi-user network
  • Processor as recommended by Microsoft for Microsoft SQL
  • Network interface card (LAN card)
  • Internet access
  • 10Mb Network Speed for a network installation, 100Mb recommended
  • Stand Alone Installation:

    1. Download Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2012 or higher
    2. Follow the installation instructions provided in the installation program

    Network Installation:

    1. Download Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2012 or higher
    2. Follow the installation instructions in the installation program
    3. Install SQL on one PC (SQL Server) and install the accounting software on all PC's
    4. Each PC on the network must have full access to the SQL Server
    5. We recommend a mapped drive to the accounting installation on the SQL Server
    6. Map a shortcut on each PC to accounting.exe on the SQL Server
    7. The advantage is that all updates will then be centralised on the SQL Server
    1. Download the zip file
    2. Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice
    3. Run “Accountingsetup.exe” and follow the on-screen instructions
    1. Download the software
    2. Run the installation and follow the on-screen instructions